Sustainability Circle Think Tank at ProcessTeknik

Since 2010, Sustainability Circle has been working to help companies create more sustainable production. Sustainability Circle works as a network and think tank to support the development of Swedish industrial companies, through a variety of activities such as training, conferences and travel,  At this year’s ProcessTeknik they will be showcasing their activities in a creative area on the exhibition floor. And they invite visitors to participate in activities that are both engaging and educational.

Henric Widén is CEO of Sustainability Circle and is looking forward to this year’s ProcessTeknik.

– It will be great to be able to meet physically again in this way. Attending the fair provides insights you often didn’t even know you needed. There’s an incredible quality to the interaction that you can’t get any other way. We will be at the fair with an area that illustrates both parts of our enterprise – a think tank and a workshop, Henric says.

The Sustainability Circle stand is half learning and half execution. A number of members will be present. They invite visitors to join in a range of exciting activities on site.

– It will be a very cool area, where we’ll physically build our think tank so you can try out different tools and methods that can help you towards a more sustainable production.

A wide range of exciting activities

At ProcessTeknik, visitors to the Sustainability Circle stand will have the chance to meet Tenfifty, Chalmers and SKF, among others. With Tenfifty, visitors can test data-driven decision-making with the help of AI.

– AI is a major enabler of sustainable production and with Tenfifty visitors can play an AI game. They will gain an expanded knowledge of the components involved and explore which ones are important to them.

Also present at the fair is Chalmers, which offers the opportunity to do a SMASh – a smart maintenance assessment.

– Smart maintenance is really on the agenda, not least for us at Sustainability Circle. We’ve been doing a lot of work on it. It’s a way you can both streamline your production and make it more sustainable. But it takes many elements to convert your business to smart maintenance. Chalmers has developed a model called SMASh, which helps businesses to see which areas of the business they should act in first and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Another Sustainability Circle member on site is SKF. They will help visitors to assemble and disassemble a bearing.

– With SKF, you get the chance to test out a bearing replacement. You’ll get an insight into the importance of a stable base and having a functioning business at the core. Without it, new technologies and methods that are being developed will not bring any value.

A key moment in the transition

On our current journey, networks like the Sustainability Circle are very important. By spreading and refining knowledge about sustainable production, they help Swedish industrial companies to increase their competitiveness.

– We see a gigantic need for skills in this transition. More people need to learn the technology and the new digital toolboxes. In the short term, companies need to learn how to do things smarter, but in the long term it’s also about acquiring a holistic perspective and systems thinking. We want to facilitate this and ProcessTeknik is a perfect opportunity to meet the industry and make this work possible, Henric concludes.

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