The meeting place for the process industry of the future

8-10 october 2024

The Swedish Exhibiton & Congress Centre, Gothenburg

ProcessTeknik focuses on collective solutions

ProcessTeknik is the meeting place for process industries and an arena where we highlight common challenges around energy, sustainability, production and the circular economy. You will find the latest technology, production equipment and solutions relevant to process industry as a whole, as well as your specific sector. Through new alliances, knowledge and innovation, you will get what you need to carry out your mission and for all of us to develop the industry together.

ProcessTeknik take place at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg,
8-10 October 2024.

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Focus areas

What are industry’s responsibilities and how can challenges be turned to business opportunities?

What is the vision for thefuture, and how do we create value at every level?

What is the potential for streamlining and efficency improvements and renewable production?

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ProcessTeknik makes a long-awaited comeback after a four-year hiatus

26 October / 2022

After a four-year absence, ProcessTeknik has made its comeback. Given the transformation that the process industry is currently undergoing, the meeting place is more important than ever. Swedish and international companies gathered to collaborate on the common challenges facing the industry over the three days of the fair. ProcessTeknik is the leading event showcasing process industry’s joint...

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“Our prosperity has been built on the long tradition of the mining industry”

13 October / 2022

The mining and metal extraction industry plays a very strong role in Sweden. Not only does it have a long tradition; it also supplies many other industries with the raw materials they need. But its importance is not confined to Sweden. The Swedish mining industry is an important player internationally – even a world leader. – The mining industry’s long tradition has built our prosperity. It al...

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The world’s first renewable e-methanol plant

13 October / 2022

As we know, society is on a huge journey in its efforts to phase out fossil fuels. The shipping industry alone consumes 300 million tonnes of fuel every year, which urgently needs to be replaced by renewable alternatives. An opportunity that Liquid Wind has tapped into. It is now electrifying shipping with a green, liquid fuel. - For more than a century we have used fossil fuels freely and wit...

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Major investment in renewable production as Preem transitions

3 October / 2022

Demand for renewable fuels is growing. Major industries are retooling to meet tomorrow’s needs. And one of those players is Preem, which is now scaling up its renewable production. This includes a large and intensive project to multiply renewable capacity. Since 2020, Preem has carried out a number of priority initiatives. Priorities linked to a climate-neutral society. And now Preem is puttin...

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Sustainability Circle Think Tank at ProcessTeknik

3 October / 2022

Since 2010, Sustainability Circle has been working to help companies create more sustainable production. Sustainability Circle works as a network and think tank to support the development of Swedish industrial companies, through a variety of activities such as training, conferences and travel,  At this year’s ProcessTeknik they will be showcasing their activities in a creative area on the exhibiti...

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"Cross-industry consultation is crucial for innovation and development. With three trade shows under the same roof, we see great synergies and opportunities for cross-fertilisation."

- Peter Wallin, Programme Manager at PiiA - Strategic Innovation Programme, Process Industrial IT and Automation

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