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“Our prosperity has been built on the long tradition of the mining industry”

The mining and metal extraction industry plays a very strong role in Sweden. Not only does it have a long tradition; it also supplies many other industries with the raw materials they need. But its importance is not confined to Sweden. The Swedish mining industry is an important player international...

The world’s first renewable e-methanol plant

As we know, society is on a huge journey in its efforts to phase out fossil fuels. The shipping industry alone consumes 300 million tonnes of fuel every year, which urgently needs to be replaced by renewable alternatives. An opportunity that Liquid Wind has tapped into. It is now electrifying shippi...

Major investment in renewable production as Preem transitions

Demand for renewable fuels is growing. Major industries are retooling to meet tomorrow’s needs. And one of those players is Preem, which is now scaling up its renewable production. This includes a large and intensive project to multiply renewable capacity. Since 2020, Preem has carried out a num...

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